Cruelty Free Lifestyle: Companies & Search Tools

Search For It!

Leaping Bunny – A compassionate shopping guide. Lists all vegan friendly companies (no testing at all, no animal ingredients.) VERY useful.

HappyCow – Search for vegan and veggie friendly restaurants and groceries all over the world!

Barnivore – An invaluable tool for finding vegan friendly wine, beer, and liquor.

VeganBeautyReview – Search for cruelty free cosmetics.

Vegan Friendly Fashion

The Discerning Brute

Vaute Couture

Alternative Outfitters

Big Buddha

Moo Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes

Compassion Co

Herbivore Clothing

Food Fight Grocery

Because We Must

Nice Shoes

Val Clothing

Bloodtight Apparel 

Melissa Shoes


Vegan Cuts

Vegan Household Products


Seventh Generation (they have some iffy stances on animal testing, although they currently do not test)

Make your own!

Trader Joe’s (has vegan cleaning supplies, detergent etc)


Sun and Earth

Sound Earth


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