Piping Plovers

So it’s pretty much common knowledge that piping plovers are some of the cutest little shits in the entire world. Seriously, just look at them. Unfortunately, they are also in serious danger. There are only 8,000 left. The danger is us, of course.

From The Audubon Society:

Proposed changes to the wildlife protections for Cape Hatteras National Seashore would drastically reduce protection zones for Piping Plovers, American Oystercatchers, Least Terns and other nesting birds. If enacted, it would be a sad triumph of pressure politics over sound science and could jeopardize the birds’ future.

The current plan, in place since 2012, protects only the most critical habitats for nesting shorebirds and sea turtles for a brief period each year. And at the same time offers year-round recreational opportunities for people to enjoy the wild and unspoiled Hatteras coast.

Under the plan, both birds and people have thrived.

But a small and vocal group of off-road vehicle enthusiasts have mounted a concerted and well-funded attack in Washington. They vehemently oppose restrictions on their privilege to drive on the beach, no matter the consequences for wildlife.

Apparently, recreational activities are more important than the livelihood of an entire species. But you can help.

Donate to the Audubon Society’s effort to protect this vital environment here.
If donating to them isn’t your thing (we get it!), donate to a wildlife rehabber that helps out injured and orphaned chickies. Find a list by state here.
Learn more about these little turd birds here & here.

Protect our bird friends. They are important too.