Avian Friends

I feel sick and horrified when I see any photo or description of an animal being hurt. Any animal.

But when I see birds in danger or hurting I become indescribably angry. I think it’s because people treat them as pretty objects so often. That they think for some reason, birds aren’t as worth protecting as mammals. I’ve known many birds on an extremely personal and deep level. They are such amazing beings who deserve to be treated as individuals and not as property to be owned.

All animals should be treated with respect and every single one of them deserve to live their lives without suffering. But birds, I need to protect birds.

If you are a bird lover like me, please check out the following bird rescues and sanctuaries. Do you have a favorite parrot, or farm bird rescue?

Happy Hen House

Chicken Rescue & Sanctuary

Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary

Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary 

Idaho Domestic Bird Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc

Lily Sanctuary Parrot Rescue

Polly Want A Rescue

Foster Parrots

Florida Parrot Rescue