Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge


Two weeks ago I had the honor of visiting the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in Pittsboro, NC. Piedmont is a sanctuary in the truest sense of the word. Only a few miles from major industrial pig and chicken farms, and in the middle of areas frequented by deer hunters, this place brought a sense of peace to me…and more important a safe place for our animal friends.

Beside meeting Lenore and the turkeys (seriously, turkeys are the best) my favorite part was seeing their amazing new goat barn, and the bird barn. Lenore’s husband designed these buildings with the animals safety and needs in mind. They were honestly stunning and unlike any barn I have been to.

It was really interesting to see a relatively new sanctuary as opposed to very established one. It really gives you more appreciation to the people who dedicate their lives to help the animals.

The next time you are in the Raleigh, NC area PLEASE take a trip out to Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge to see for yourself how truly amazing this sanctuary is. I know this this place will only continue to grow.

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