I love turkeys


*The birds above all live happy, safe lives at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, NY. Photos taken by me.*

I don’t think I can put into words exactly how much I love turkeys. Every time I meet them they make it easy to recall why they are one of my favorite animals to spend time with. Their inquisitive and gentle nature make them easy to get along with, and fun to observe. They have a range of vocalizations that not only make them endearing, but prove that their communication abilities are complex.

At farms all over the world, turkeys are debeaked and de-toed without anesthetic. They are confined in dirty, over crowded enclosures and denied everything that comes naturally to them. The birds that are killed for food are still babies, they are still peeping like chicks. 

Turkey’s love spending time with humans as well as their flock. I have scratched many a turkey head, and under-wing. They make soft sounds of happiness, lean into your hand and close their eyes. So how can people still eat these amazing, personable animals? Are your tastebuds really more important than their lives?

300 million turkeys lose their lives in the United States every year. 43 million of those birds die for your Thanksgiving Day meals.

Check out my post here for cruelty free alternatives for your Thanksgiving Day meal.

And click here to learn more about these beautiful animals, and the abuse that they face.


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