“Cykochik vegan products are great…but their name? Not so much.


It’s always exciting when you find a new cruelty-free, entirely vegan company. The more vegan accessories and clothing the better! But when that company’s name is extremely dis/ableist, that excitement diminishes pretty quickly.

Cykochik is the name, and despite the alternate spelling, this is deeply offensive. Using an illness in a way that is mean to be “fashionable” or “fun” is extremely hurtful to those who suffer from psychopathy, and other mental illness.

While Founder Nikki Duong Koenig might mean no harm, they need to know that this is not something to be taken lightly. Cykochik’s “About” page even states that the name is to be taken “tongue-in-cheek”, acknowledging that such a title is supposed to be humorous.

Dis/ableism is all too common, and as vegans we should strive to make sure our movement is intersectional. Please reach out to this company on FB and politely tell them that while you love their products and their message, their name is hurtful. Just because they are vegan, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called out.

**Note that some people prefer to use the terms ableism, disablism, or (dis)ableism, and find that other terms are actually problematic. I could find no concrete evidence about which term is the most accepted, and have found that in my experience “dis/ableism” is typically well received.


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